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5 differences when considering planning to university in america vs great britain

5 differences when considering planning to university in america vs great britain

The United Kingdom and the United States are extremely different places FOR ALL OF OUR SIMILARITIES and for all of our shared history. Culturally we owe a complete great deal to each other, but we’re additionally extremely distinct. You’ve heard the broad stereotypes for each one of the nations before: The British are quiet, sarcastic, and stiff upper lipped, while People in america are gregarious, friendly, casual. There’s a good level of truth to these two stereotypes, however they don’t really perform some complexities justice.

We received my undergraduate level (a BA in Journalism) from Penn State University in america. Penn State is situated in State College, Pennsylvania, the quintessential university town, and is understood for soccer, farming, and another ugly scandal. My graduate degree (an MSc in peoples Rights) originated in the London class of Economics and Political Science. LSE is found in the dead center of London, the quintessential cosmopolitan town, and it is understood for Nobel Prizes, the social sciences, and another unsightly scandal.

The schools, just like the nations they have a home in, are extremely different. Below are a few associated with differences between attending university in america vs the united kingdom.

1. Teachers aren’t focused on training to your job in britain.

After 8 weeks of learning only theory in my master’s classes, we went along to my teacher and asked whenever we had been planning to begin learning some real-world abilities.

“How are we designed to learn job abilities then? ” I inquired.

“You’re supposed to understand them at work, ” she responded.