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Intimate health for lesbian and women that are bisexual

Intimate health for lesbian and women that are bisexual

Women that have sexual intercourse along with other females can spread or get STIs. Learn how to protect your self.

Lesbians and women that are bisexual perhaps perhaps not resistant from sexually sent infections (STIs), and it’s really crucial never to be complacent about getting tested for them, based on Ruth search during the charity Stonewall.

Often, lesbian and women that are bisexual told they don’t really must be tested for STIs. It is not the actual situation.

A study of lesbian and women that are bisexual Stonewall revealed 50 % of individuals who have been screened had an STI.

“Women can get STIs such as for example herpes, vaginal warts and chlamydia whenever trading body fluids, ” claims search.

” Any private contact, such as for instance dental intercourse or utilizing the same hand whenever pressing your self and your partner, can place you at an increased risk. Two females which are both menstruating have reached an increased danger, too. “

Methods for safer intercourse between women

  • If you should be utilizing adult sex toys, work with a new condom for each partner or between penetration of various orifices (human body spaces). Adult toys should always be washed with water and soap between sessions. Discover more about cleansing sex toys.
  • Avoid dental intercourse if either of you has any cuts or sores into the lips or regarding the lips, or make use of dental dam.